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Peris Miriam Momanyi aka Pirez is very soft spoken and has a heart of gold. Off the pitch, you would confuse her with a model even though she has been in the football industry for a very long time.

Peris in action

She has played for several teams including Mathare United, Old is Gold, Makolanders, Moyas, Spedag and Chrisc. She was part of the Homeless soccer team that represented Kenya in 2017 at the Homeless World Cup. @pirezkamara was the captain. She pprtraya great leadership qualities and thus the captain band fits her perfectly.

She currently plays for UNRC and OttoBenecker. She prefers to play in the midfield. For those of us that have played this beautiful game, we believe that the biggest achievement is to play at the highest level of football. Being a part of the national team and playing in another country is the cherry on the cake. Sometimes we don’t get to achieve all that within the preferred “age group” which pushes us to choose other career paths or get into coaching. Her dream is to achieve all of this as a coach and especially through paving way for the upcoming stars. She has a dream of being the reason why players achieve the above mentioned that she couldn’t achieve at her strongest point as a player.

Peris together with former Kenyan international Musa Otieno during a coaching course.

All work and no play makes Pirez a dull girl. Apart from playing football, she loves travelling, swimming and reading. We wish Peris all the best.

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