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Baller Touchline was founded in 2020 with the aim of highlighting the Kenyan football industry and giving the industry the publicity that they deserve. Baller Touchline a social platform, completes the Kenyan football industry’s image by presenting a different side of football. We focus on bringing you stories about the footbal personalities lifestyle off the pitch. Who they are off the pitch, who they are dating, what type of side hustles they have and apart from football, what other hobbies they have. We also highlight matters on pitch because there would not be an off pitch without an on pitch.

The Baller Touchline show is an online show that gives us the opportunity to interact with current footballers, former footballers, coaches, fans and other football stakeholders in the industry. Different aspects of the game are discussed with the main focus being what they do while off pitch. By highlighting an off the pitch side of the industry, we hope that we are able to attract more fans and grow the industry’s fanbase. In return, the footballers can get different endorsement deals and have other sources of income.

Spot on is our second online show hosted by legendary former professional footballer and now coach Titus Mulama. He hosts the show together with other football experts and enthuthiasts including Hillary Owishe (Youth coach) and Eugene Masbayi (Umeme Football Club). On Spot on, passion meets education. This show will highlight the challenges we’re facing in our game and present suggestions that can be applied to help improve our game.

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